Ameco completes painting and guaranteeing the first flight of “Winter Olympic” aircraft

On September 5, Air China "Winter Olympic" aircraft completed its first flight from Beijing to Chengdu. Ameco completed color painting work of this aircraft, and was responsible for follow-up flight support work.

Image credit: Ameco

The overall surface area of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft is about 600m2. In addition to the aircraft wing, the surface of the fuselage of about 400m2 has been polished and faded paint, primer spraying, white paint spraying, Olympic mascot and logo positioning film, gradient color spraying, other signs spraying and restoration, varnish spraying, etc.

The first difficulty in this painting work was the film sticking of the two mascots. The two mascot patterns are composed of nearly 40 pieces of template, which is the first time in the history of aircraft painting, and the positions of the patterns are on the hyperbolic skin of the rear fuselage, requiring the mechanic to maintain superb film sticking technology.

The second difficulty in this painting work was gradual change of the blue paint on the rear fuselage, which requires extremely high level of process control and painting skills. Faced with the challenge, the engineers organized technical backbone to deeply discuss the characteristics of gradual change, and formulated a detailed painting scheme: deployed more than 10 different color transition paints according to different areas.

On September 2, the painting work of the aircraft was fully completed. Ameco conducted a careful inspection of the aircraft from various systems to cabin interiors to ensure that the aircraft is in the best airworthy condition. From September 5 to 28, the "Winter Olympic" will fly to Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. Ameco Operation Management Division, each line maintenance center and branch make overall plans and careful deployment, and also make work arrangements in advance to ensure the smooth progress of the flight.

Source: Ameco