BRICSat-2 satellite poses no threat to the International Space Station

According to the Automated Warning System on Hazardous Situations in Outer Space data (TsNIIMash, part of Roscosmos), a former US military satellite BRICSat-2 poses no threat to the International Space Station.

International Space Station. Image credit: Tass

Based on the data analysis, the ISS flight control groups decided no evading maneuver is necessary.

BRICSat-2 is an experimental telecommunication CubeSat used to be operated by US Navy. The satellite was injected in summer 2019 into near-Earth orbit by the SpaceX Falcon Heavy carrier rocket.

The Russian party has repeatedly called the attention of the partners to new hazards in space that arise in connection of low-orbit satellite groups, and suggests developing a necessary coordination protocol.

Source: Roscosmos