Civilian aircraft diverted to BA 105 in Evreux

A civilian aircraft requested help from the Evreux Air Base (BA) 105, following a technical problem. At the end of the morning, the aircraft landed on one of the runways of the military right-of-way.

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At the controls of an Aquila 120, a young pilot was making a flight towards Rouen. While flying over Évreux, in Normandy, the aircraft which had left Toussus-le-Noble (Paris region) had an engine oil problem. The pilot is then forced to land.

In contact with the BA 105 air traffic controllers, the young captain requested assistance and a diversion on the runway. At 10:20 a.m., the plane landed on the tarmac of the air right-of-way. Quickly, an intervention chain was put in place to help the pilot in distress. 

 “  Our role is to try to reassure the pilots, who may be under stress. This time, the young pilot did not seem in the grip of panic. I felt like I was talking to someone who had 30 years of flight behind him,  ”says Chief Warrant Officer Olivier, air traffic controller. 

Normally, a civilian aircraft is not allowed to land at a military base. This is why the landing of the aircraft automatically involves the intervention of the Protection, Transit and Air Reception squadrons as well as the Air Force Brigade. An investigation is then opened to define the nature of the incident.

The Aquila 120 was then towed to l'Escale. During the day, the pilot called in a civil mechanic for a quick check of his aircraft. Satisfied and grateful, the pilot took to the air at the end of the afternoon.

Despite this unpredictable situation, the personnel of the Évreux air base were able to be reactive and efficient. 

The pilot took care to thank the staff at the Évreux base on social networks. In his message, the latter emphasizes the quality of service and the responsiveness of the Airmen who came to his aid. “We feel safe with you,” he concludes.