CSO-2 satellite successfully injected into orbit by Soyuz ST-A carrier rocket

The Soyuz-ST-A carrier rocket with the Fregat-M upper stage and the CSO-2 spacecraft on board was launched on December 28, 2020 as part of the Arianespace VS25 launch campaign. The launch of the carrier rocket and the upper stage flight went nominally. After separation of the space head unit from the third stage of the launch vehicle, the Fregat-M upper stage continued to inject the spacecraft into the target orbit.

Image credit: Twitter

In accordance with the flight sequence at 17:41:44 UTC, the CSO-2 satellite successfully separated from the upper stage after two impulses of its main engine. Roscosmos launch vehicles - the Soyuz-ST-A carrier rocket (manufactured by the Progress Rocket Space Center, Samara) and the Fregat-M upper stage (manufactured by NPO Lavochkin) successfully performed their tasks. This was the last launch within Russia’s space program in 2020. Russian launch vehicles successfully performed 100% launches for the second year in a row.

Image credit: Twitter

The new satellite will operate in a sun-synchronous orbit. It was launched on behalf of the French National Center for Space Studies and the Directorate General for Armaments for the French Ministry of Defense.

Today's launch was carried out under the contract between Glavkosmos and Arianespace in close cooperation with Roscosmos enterprises (Progress Rocket Space Center, NPO Lavochkin and the Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities Operation).

Source: Roscosmos