Erecting equipment tests at Baikonur

Yuzhny Space Center specialists (a branch of the Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities Operation, TsENKI, part of Roscosmos) tested the erecting equipment to measure actual loads generated at the beams and platform of the transportation and installation unit while moving and verticalizing the space rocket.

Erecting equipment tests at Baikonur. Image credit: ROSCOSMOS

The tests were conducted at the Site No. 31 launchpad imitating the works according to the first launch day (D-3). The transportation and installation unit loaded with a mockup imitating a Soyuz-2 rocket was moved from the technical complex to the launchpad. Following that, the specialists lifted the erector twice, holding the mockup for 10 minutes in vertical position and returning it back into the horizontal position.

The erector tests were carried out in cooperation with RSC Progress and Barmin Research Institute of Launch Complexes (both parts of Roscosmos). The tests were conducted with collecting all the control and conditions data. Further analysis will allow check the overload clearances corresponding to those stated in the technical documentation.