HAECO Xiamen’s Airbus A320 Part-out Capability Officially Recognised

Image Credit: HAECO Press Room

HAECO Xiamen, a member of the HAECO Group, announced today that its Airbus A320 part-out capability has been formally approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The company is the only MRO in Eastern China to have obtained this approval, following which it has undertaken its first A320 part-out project for Yan Wu Group, disassembling four aircraft for the Chinese mainland operator.

In recent years, the aviation industry has seen a growing number of aircraft retirement. Disassembling retired planes in order to re-use parts and recycle materials enables operators to optimise the residual value of the aircraft, whilst minimising environmental and safety risks.

The aircraft part-out service complements HAECO Xiamen’s comprehensive suite of service offerings, from parts manufacturing for new aircraft, cabin design and completion, to airframe maintenance, modification, and cabin reconfiguration, HAECO Xiamen will continue to leverage its strong engineering capabilities to create sustainable value for the region’s aviation industry. 

Source: haeco.com