Korean Air Ranks First in Global Customer Satisfaction for 16th consecutive year

Korean Air took first place in the air passenger transport service sector at the 2020 Global Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI) awards. This is the 16th consecutive year Korean Air has topped the list.

Image credit: Korean Air

Developed by Global Management Association (GMA) under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, GCSI is an index to select the best corporation in each category. It compiles and evaluates customer satisfaction levels, global competitiveness and customer loyalty.

Korean Air’s continuous efforts to differentiate its services and introduce eco-friendly aircraft have been recognized as the best by the industry since 2005. The airline has been strongly committed to improving customer experience; its recents efforts include launching baggage notification system, expanding self-check-in options and strengthening disinfection on its aircraft.

Korean Air has also been actively reassuring passengers of a safe in-flight environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline maintains safe flights by thoroughly disinfecting all its aircraft. The airline carries out disinfection more often than the legal requirements. Domestic flights are disinfected more than once a week, and additional disinfection work is performed on all international flights arriving at Incheon International Airport and those departing from Incheon to the Americas.

Meanwhile, Korean Air maintains the highest quality of cabin air on all its aircraft. HEPA filters installed in aircraft effectively remove nearly 100% of any particulate matter that may be present in the air. Moreover, cabin air on all Korean Air aircraft is designed to flow from ceiling to floor rather than from front to back, minimizing the spread of contaminants through the cabin. Back in July, the airline also conducted a special inspection on HEPA filters and air circulation systems on its aircraft.

In addition, Korean Air recently rolled out a ‘CARE FIRST’ informational program – emphasizing its multiple layers of protection throughout the passenger journey – to enhance travel safety and awareness with its customers and employees.

The airline has established a ‘CARE FIRST’ page on its website, koreanair.com, where customers can check specific measures to ensure safety in all stages of air travel: cabin disinfection, self-check-in options, temperature checks at the gate, social distancing between passengers, and strengthened cleanliness safeguards for inflight catering. The program’s informative video is being introduced on Korean Air’s in-flight AVOD as well as website and SNS channels. The airline also is screening a short video on its website and SNS channels, demonstrating specific steps of disinfection that customers go through at the airport.

Furthermore, Korean Air also introduced a “back to front” zone boarding system to minimize contact between passengers, and requires all employees and passengers to wear face masks.

Back in July, Korean Air entered the “Top 10 Airlines in the World” in the third position at the 2020 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for Airlines. Korean Air had high ratings in multiple areas, including customer service, cleanliness, legroom, food and beverage, and in-flight entertainment. The airline was also voted the “Best Airline in Korea” and “Travelers’ Choice Major Airline in Asia”, which strengthened its position as a global carrier.

Korean Air will continue to actively communicate with passengers about the safety of air travel and create customer value as a leading global carrier.

Source: Korean Air