Last in-flight refueling of the A310 MRTT

“Offload complete, cleared to disconnect” - the refueling officer notifies his comrades in the tornado via radio that their tanks are full again and that they have their tornado from the A310 MRTT Multi role tanker transport can undock. Today the fuel is only refilled symbolically.

The airport fire brigade said goodbye to their long-term companion with their fire engines. Image credit:Bundeswehr

It's a final training flight with the MRTT Multi role tanker transport as a tanker. Two tornadoes from the Tactical Air Force Wing 33 from Büchel docked over Cologne at the A310 MRTT Multi role tanker transport to solemnly bid him farewell from his use as a tanker.

With this last symbolic refueling from its home base in Cologne, the A310 has MRTT Multi role tanker transport carried out around 3,000 air refueling. This resulted in 13,800 flight hours and around 39,000 tons of released fuel. The A310 was MRTT twice Multi role tanker transport as a tanker deployed abroad. From now on, only troop and patient transports are on the roster. Air refueling will in future be carried out by the A330 MRTT aircraft Multi role tanker transport the multinational MRTT Multi role tanker transport Unit ( MMU) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

From its first refueling in 2008 until today, the A310 has been MRTT Multi role tanker transport involved in two missions abroad as a tanker. From December 2015 to September 2019 he flew at Counter Daesh in Jordan and from March 2013 to July 2014 at AFISMA African-led International Support Mission to Maliin Dakar. Here the A310 refueled MRTT Multi role tanker transport also fighter jets of the French armed forces. There are also numerous national and international exercises, such as VAPB in Ämari in Estonia this year or Trident Juncture in Norway in 2018. 

Ambulance transport, air refueling, troop transport - the A310 MRTT can do these three tasks Multi role tanker transport take over. In the “ MedEvac Medical evacuation“The A310 can accommodate up to six seriously injured and 38 mild to moderately injured patients. He offers medical care similar to that in an intensive care unit. In the tanker variant, the A310 supplies other aircraft with fuel in the air with the help of four additional tanks in the fuselage. In the PAX variant, the interior is configured like a normal economy class. There is space for up to 214 passengers.

Source: Bundeswehr