Leonardo: Improving air traffic management reliability

Image Credit: internationalairportreview.com

How can aviation work to ensure ATM is more reliable?

Leonardo’s aim has always been to design a product with strong foundations to meet demanding operational requirements, which will, in turn, improve air traffic management (ATM) reliability.

Leonardo’s ATM product, LeadInSky, is highly automated and allows integration between different ATM operational needs, such as ground ASMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System), approach and on route with maximum flexibility in roles and configurations.

LeadInSky is built to support controllers in any situation, including degraded modes to guarantee the tightest safety regulation requirements.

The system can be deployed in virtualized architecture, allowing LeadInSky to overcome issues related to physical disruption of the HW in the case of losing specific server functionality (for example, safety nets and flight plan processors).

Source: internationalairportreview.com