Nauka ISS module sent off to Baikonur

On the night of August 11, 2020, the train carrying the new Russian ISS segment module set off to the Baikonur Cosmodrome from Khrunichev Center. The Center specialists successfully finalized vacuum tests of the module.

Nauka ISS module sent off to Baikonur. Image credit: Roscosmos

In cooperation with Russian Railways, the train was sent off to the Site No. 254 technical complex. All the preparatory and loading operations went nominally.

After the module arrives at Baikonur, Khrunichev Center specialists will prepare the module systems for complex tests, following the tests, the teams will prepare it for the launch to the International Space Station.

Check test cycle and prelaunch preparations of Nauka will take about 9 months, after that it will be launched into final orbit and included into the Russian ISS segment.

Source: Roscosmos