October 7 International Space Station orbit correction parameters adjusted

Following the off-schedule International Space Station orbit correction to evade space debris, Russian Mission Control Center (TsNIIMash, part of Roscosmos) decided to adjust the ISS orbit correction parameters scheduled for October 7, 2020.

International Space Station. Image credit: Roscosmos

According to the Mission Control Center data, Progress MS-14 cargo spacecraft docked to the Zvezda module accessory bay will have its engines switched on at 08:11 UTC for 403.7 seconds. After the correctional maneuver the station orbit mean altitude will decrease by 1.4 kilometers to about 418.4 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

The Soyuz MS-17 crewed spacecraft is scheduled to launch on a Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocked on October 14, 2020 from Site No. 31 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The spacecraft prime crew are Roscosmos cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, as well as NASA astronaut Kathleen Rubins. Their backups are Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky, Pyotr Dubrov and NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hai.

Source: Roscosmos