OZMENS’ SNC Reinforces Long Partnership with U.S. NAVY Carrier Aviation

U.S Navy Taps SNC for $12.4M Contract to Upgrade Carrier ATC & Landing Systems.

US NAVY Aircraft carrier. Image credit: Popular mechanics

Sierra Nevada Corporation, the global aerospace and national security company owned by Eren and Fatih Ozmen, was recently awarded a U.S. Navy contract for $12.4 million to upgrade air traffic control and landing systems equipment aboard U.S. Navy aircraft carriers under contract to the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, Naval Air Systems Command.

The work is critical to extending the lifecycle of the air traffic control and landing systems through 2040.

The contract is another important milestone in SNC’s long and successful history supporting Naval Aviation with carrier landing systems program that began in 1980. As a young engineer the carrier landing system was one of the first programs SNC co-owner and CEO Fatih Ozmen worked on when he joined SNC in 1981.

“This new contract is an important reinforcement of the SNC team’s commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships with the U.S. Navy and the aircraft carrier community,” stated Fatih Ozmen. “SNC is proud of our work for the U.S. Navy and we look forward to providing new and innovative solutions for the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Greg Cox, executive vice president for SNC’s Electronic and Information Systems business area stated, “SNC is bringing its extensive, value focused, system agnostic integration skills to Naval Aviation and creating open and modular solutions that break vendor lock. SNC remains dedicated to providing U.S. Naval Aviation with the most innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions to meet readiness challenges, as well as the capabilities required to meet current and future threats.”

The SNC Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) Beacon is the primary airborne component of the AN/SPN-46(V) precision approach landing system (PALS) and the only fully automated, all weather approach landing aid for carrier aircraft. The precision approach landing system can control as many as two aircraft simultaneously in a leapfrog pattern; each approaching aircraft being assisted by the system lands, another can be acquired. SNC’s is one of the world's most respected aircraft modification and integration companies.

Source: Sierra Nevada Corporation