Participants of the contest "Aviadarts-2020" destroyed targets at the training ground near Ryazan

Participants of the international competition "Aviadarts-2020" conducted the first live firing. The pilots carried out bombing, rocket launches and shooting from aircraft guns.

Image credit: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

The best results of the first attempt were in fighter aviation-Su-30sm crews from the Rostov region, in assault aviation-Su-25 crews from the Republic of Belarus, in army aviation-Ka-52 crews from the Pskov region.

The final stage of the competition "Aviadarts-2020" with the combat use of air weapons against ground targets is planned for September 1 and will be held at the Dubrovichi training ground, where 60 unique ground targets have been prepared. On the territory of the training ground, a target environment has been formed from 12 types of targets, including tactical, shooting, bombing and radar targets.

According to the results of the first four stages of the competition (aerial reconnaissance, piloting equipment, navigation, search and rescue), the Russian team is confidently leading.

The competition will end on September 5, 2020.

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation