S-400 anti-aircraft missile battalion conducted an air defence exercise on the Crimean Peninsula

The combat crews of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems stationed in Crimea conducted an air defence exercise on important objects of the civilian sector of the peninsula.

S-400 anti-aircraft missile. Image credit: Russian Federation Defence Ministry

At the initial stage of the exercise at the deployment points, the servicemen carried out the dismantling of launchers and radar installations and marched into new positional areas.

Arriving at the position, the combat crews deployed the launchers, and the driver-operators carried out the topography and orientation of the complexes on the ground.

At the main stage of the exercise, the personnel of the S-400 Triumph air defence missile system practiced an algorithm of actions when information about the approach of a mock enemy aircraft arrived. Then the military personnel performed the detection, identification and destruction of air targets by electronic missile launches.

Also, during training events, the crews of Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems conducted a training to cover the positions of the S-400 Triumph air defence system from a missile attack of a mock enemy.

The exercise was held in accordance with the plan of combat training of the Black Sea Fleet forces.

Source: Russian Federation Defence Ministry