Soyuz MS-17 crew presented its patch

The Soyuz MS-17 crew, which is to launch to the International Space Station in October 2020, has presented its patch. The patch is round-shaped symbolizing the Earth and its perfection, and inscribed into the Cyrillic letter Ф standing for the crew callsign ‘Favor’ («Фавор»).

Soyuz MS-17 crew presented its patch. Image credit: Roscosmos

In the lower part of the patch, the inscription «Байконур» (‘Baikonur’) is located symbolizing the connection of the Soyuz MS-17 with this city and the cosmodrome. In 2020, Baikonur celebrated its 65th anniversary. Moreover, Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergey Kud-Sverchkov was born there. The upper part of the patch contains the image of the International Space Station with its solar panels resembling the Roman numbers XX standing for the 20th anniversary of its crewed flight operation.

‘The inside part of the patch pictures Earth’s surface symbolizing careful attitude to our planet and gratitude towards our native land, feeding, inspiring, supporting and giving strength,’ Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergey Ryzhikov noted.

In the center, over the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket, is a source of light illuminating the planet and the international crew members with their names written on the edges of the patch.

The Soyuz MS-17 crewed spacecraft with the 64th long-term expedition to the International Space Station is scheduled to launch on October 14, 2020. The total mission duration is expected to reach 177 days. This will be the second spaceflight for Sergey Ryzhikov and Kathleen Rubins, while Sergey Kud-Sverchkov will launch into space for the first time.

Source: Roscosmos