The Tianwen-1 probe has flown 100 million kilometers in total

As of 10:08 on August 28, my country's first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen-1, has a flight distance of 100 million kilometers. The attitude of the probe is stable, the energy is balanced, and multiple loads have completed self-checks to confirm that the equipment is in normal condition. The work is progressing steadily as planned.

Image credit: First post
Tianwen-1. Image credit: First post

The Tianwen-1 probe has been in orbit for about 36 days, about 10.75 million kilometers away from the earth. According to experts from the National Space Administration's Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center, Tianwen-1 was successfully launched on July 23, and it was directly sent into the ground fire transfer orbit by the Long March 5 carrier rocket, becoming an artificial planet that circumnavigated the sun together with Earth and Mars.

It revolves, and gradually away from the earth, flying to Mars. When reaching Mars, the probe is about 195 million kilometers away from Earth, and the actual flight distance is about 470 million kilometers.

During the flight, the probe has successfully completed the acquisition of earth-moon photos, the first midway correction of the orbit, and the self-check of the payload. Starting at 22:20 on the evening of August 19, the Mars magnetometer, mineral spectrum analyzer, high-resolution camera, medium-resolution camera and other loads on the orbiter will complete the self-inspection successively.

The scientific data of the load will be successfully downloaded and the equipment status will be confirmed. Normal, all flight control tasks are carried out normally. Follow-up probes will also carry out deep-space maneuvers and multiple midway corrections, and perform missions such as capturing, landing, and patrolling after approaching the orbit of Mars.

Source: CNSA