Tianwen-1 probe completed the second midway correction of orbit

Under the control of the flight control team of my country’s first Mars exploration mission, the four 120N engines of the Tianwen-1 probe were ignited at the same time for 20 seconds, and the second midway correction of the orbit was successfully completed and the on-orbit verification was completed. The actual performance of the 120N engine.

Image credit: Nature Astronomy

Up to now, Tianwen-1 has been in orbit for 60 days, about 19 million kilometers away from the earth, and a flight distance of about 160 million kilometers. The detector systems are in good condition, and the ground measurement and control communication centers and stations are tracking normally.

Midway correction generally refers to correcting the orbit deviation caused by various reasons during the flight of the probe, so that the probe can fly closer to the theoretical orbit. The accuracy of Tianwen-1's launch into orbit and the first midway correction is very high, and the amount of correction this time is very small.

Source: CNSA