Yuanwang 5 returns in triumph

Yuanwang 5 ship. Image credit: Fleet mon

At about 9 o'clock on August 10, the Yuanwang 5 ship, which successfully completed my country's first Mars exploration marine monitoring and control in the Pacific Ocean, returned to the dock safely. It has operated at sea for nearly 2 months and sailed safely for more than 15,000 nautical miles.

During this ocean-going voyage, the Yuanwang 5 ship has successively overcome challenges such as complicated sea conditions, bad weather, and time difference span, and escorted the "Tianwen-1" probe to Mars.

It is understood that after docking at the terminal, the Yuanwang 5 ship will coordinate and organize personnel rest, equipment maintenance, and spare parts supplementation to make full preparations for the subsequent space launch mission.

Source: CNSA